Telephone Town Hall

A telephone town hall is a powerful tool that allows you to have a conversation with your target audience. This tool provides unique opportunities to communicate your message, collect valuable data, drive people to action, and much more.

Different uses for telephone town halls

Corporations seeking to connect with consumers/employees

  • Australian Pork Council – In August 2010, a nation-wide call was made to members of Australian pork producers. The call was a great success: 993 callers attended (72% of the total called and 78% of live answers). Callers stayed on for an average of 29 minutes, and over 250 stayed on for more than 40 minutes. There were 8 live questions and 283 answered poll questions about the industry.


  • Senator Michael Bennet/President Obama – In October 2010, Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado held a statewide call with President Obama. During this call, 6,106 callers attended (23% of the total called and 58% of live answers). Callers stayed on for an average of 14 minutes, and over 1,000 stayed on for more than 20 minutes. The call also had great success in inspiring action, as 283 callers agreed to volunteer for the campaign.
  • State Representative Sue Schafer/State Senator Cheri Jahn – State Representative Sue Schafer and State Senator Cheri Jahn teamed up in 2012 to conduct a joint 50-minute telephone town hall. An impressive 44% of the live answers (1,292 attendees, or 13% of the total called) joined in for an average of 9 minutes. Representative Schafer and Senator Jahn answered 13 live questions.

International Telephone Town Halls

  • Australia Clean Energy Future – In November 2011, a telephone town hall was held with Matt Thistlewaite and the Clean Energy Minister. During this town hall, 764 callers attended (53% of the total called and 78% of live answers), over 50 people answered live poll questions, and 91% said they’d like to see more telephone town halls.
  • Swedish Social Democrats – The Swedish Social Democrats teamed up with RBI Strategies in the fall of 2014 to implement an ambitious voter outreach plan. Over the last week of the election, the Social Democrats held eight separate telephone town halls to swing voters and base supporters calling over 690,000 people throughout the week, with an average 55% participation rate. Having successfully shored up support and motivated voters to get to the ballot box, party leader Stefan Löfven attributed the party’s win to their aggressive communications strategy.

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