Strategic Management

RBI has managed or provided management consulting services to numerous campaigns worldwide, nationwide, statewide, and locally including:

  • Obama for America in the battleground state of Colorado in 2008 and 2012
  • Dean for America in 2004
  • Hillary Clinton for President in Arizona in 2008
  • Michael Bennet for U.S. Senate in 2010
  • Heads of State races in Sweden, Venezuela, Bermuda, and Malta
  • Premier races in Spain and Australia
  • Countless statewide ballot initiatives and referenda, including marijuana legalization in Colorado, Washington state, and Uruguay.

RBI Strategies and Research is able to design and manage all of the organizational, administrative, and structural components of your campaign including:

  • Developing a message, including a slogan
  • Developing an organizational structure for the campaign
  • Identifying the prime demographic and regional sectors of achievable votes for a field plan
  • Training of the staff in effective campaign tactics
  • Constructing and maintaining campaign budgets
  • Constructing and maintaining a communications plan for the campaign, and
  • Implementing timelines for each aspect of the campaign, including finance planning and paid media.

RBI Strategies and Research

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