Survey Research

Whether you need a quick snapshot for a political campaign or an in depth study into a particular issue or product, RBI has the research services to meet your specific needs and budget.

While adhering to rigorous methodological standards and using cutting edge quantitative analysis techniques, our team tests language likely to be used in campaign messaging or ballot language and uses survey results to craft a resonant and winning message.

Our philosophy is that numbers alone mean nothing without clear strategic and tactical guidance.  Along with accurate and unbiased results, as attested to by Nate Silver’s zero-biased rating for RBI, we provide strategy recommendations for communications and outreach to your audience big or small, near or far.

RBI has a long history of polling with a number of campaign, elected, and corporate clients:

Governor Jared Polis – RBI has partnered with Governor Polis since his State Board of Education race in 2000, which he won by 90 votes. In the last 20 years, RBI’s survey research has helped the Governor maneuver through just about every kind of race, including five terms in US Congress and of course the governor’s race in 2018.

Tennessee Heart Association – For 3 years, RBI has teamed with Cooley Public Strategies to analyze obesity trends in the state of Tennessee. Hired by the Tennessee Heart Association, RBI and Cooley Strategies have performed annual surveys of citizens regarding their food choices.

South Dakota – RBI has been honored to work with political consultant Jody Severson for many years, conducting research on behalf of rural electorate cooperatives, pro-choice political candidates, and statewide political surveys.

U.S Senator of Hawaii, Brian Schatz – For a number of years, RBI has been one of the few firms able to successfully navigate polling in Hawaii, a state that notoriously produces wide swings in polling. For this reason, Brian Schatz contacted RBI when he wanted to run for Lieutenant governor. Locked in a difficult primary, Schatz prevailed over his opponent thanks to the accurate data collected and acted upon from RBI.

Hawaii Transportation – When the city of Honolulu wanted to build a light rail transit system, they turned to RBI to determine the best messaging to convince Oahu voters the project should move forward. RBI’s research determined that the key to passing this project was to demonstrate to seniors on the island how much they would benefit from easy transportation that would allow them to visit their grandchildren and vice versa. The project passed, and the rail transit system is currently under construction.

Maltese Labour Party – For nearly 10 years, RBI served as the survey research consultant to the Maltese Labour Party. RBI was able to overcome the cultural and technical barriers in the country to obtain accurate data reflecting the country’s political behavior. The Party saw its greatest success during the elections in 1996 and 1998 thanks to the strategies laid out by RBI.

Women’s Professional Softball – RBI conducted the initial market research for a women’s fast pitch league. This game would incorporate a smaller ball so the players could hit it farther and score more points. RBI held focus groups in Chicago and Southern California with potential players to figure out their demands and needs, such as what their expectations entailed, what kind of pay they would look for, and what they thought of the smaller ball. In addition to this, RBI also conducted market research among an audience, during which we organized a few exhibition games where we were able to survey the crowd to see what they drank, what they ate, and what they thought of the game. RBI determined the audience was 70% female, and that their beverage of choice was a wine cooler. This information contributed to a key sponsorship of the league in its early stages by a wine company.

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