RBI takes on the Internet

Since we founded RBI in 1985 we have been working hard to do good things for good people. From Colorado to Argentina and London to Turkey we’ve worked across the globe helping a diverse portfolio of clients.  As it is our 30th year in the industry we thought it was time to share some of the lessons we’ve learned and insights gained. Just as our RBI team specializes in different aspects of campaigning, this blog will feature not just the lessons we’ve learned but also the realities of the current political landscape.

We hope this becomes a forum for discussion about concepts and ideas that we write about. The world of politics is constantly changing, and here at RBI we find it important to challenge traditional notions, question new trends, and continue to find the best combination of both. In this spirit, if you have any comments or questions about a particular blog post you can find the author’s contact information on our contact page.

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